Raul Kohli always wanted to believe in a higher power. That seemed alien in the 90”s. As unlikely as a facists belief their time would come back again, or a Doctor’s belief that polio would come back again. But now Raul has begun to ponder: is there a higher power? Did dragons once fly this world? Which mad b*stard thought Cauliflower wings were a suitable replacement for chicken wings?

It”s a show that examines belief from the premise that belief whether in a God, a political party, or the idea that vaccines are harmful, that all belief is essentially routed in the same thing: That”s right! Whether you’re a Christian, a Guardian reader or an anti-vaxxer, you”re all as stupid and self righteous as whichever group you hate!

Come see an award-winning comic aim way above his station while trying to prove God exists, while also proving you are an idiot.

You”ll laugh, you”ll learn, you”ll orgasm. You definitely won”t orgasm, that would be wierd, but now I guess you”ll definitely come?


13th Feb: LEICESTER, Leicester Comedy Festival, 21.15pm @ The Exchange

14th Feb: LEICESTER, Leicester Comedy Festival, 7.45pm @ Manhattan 34,

12th Mar: CAMBRIDGE, The Cambridge Sceience Festival, 7pm @ Storey’s Field Centre

25th Feb: MANCHESTER, West Didsbury Festival, 8pm @ Saison, West Didsbury

21 June: ULVERSTONE, Another Fine Festival, 5.30pm @ The Laurel & Hardy Museum

3rd July: SHAFTESBURY, Shaftesbury Fringe, 8pm @ the Mitre

12th July: MANCHESTER, Blizzard Comedy, 8pm @ Gullivers

Edinburgh Fringe, Edinburgh, Newcastle & London dates to come. Have a venue, and want to book the show? Drop me an email on arghkohli@gmail.com