Newcastle Brown Tales are the series of shows that document the true life stories of me and my childhood drug-dealing best friend: Spekky Rizwan. They are very early stand up shows & if I’m honest, the quality is questionable, but the shows are true!

Centred in Newcastle, Part 1 is a series of stories of me and him doing some real dumb shit which interestingly had Paul Gascgoine turn up for the recording.

Available on Kofi for £1:

Part 2 is the story of that catching up with us. It’s currently available

Available on Youtube Free:

I do have plans to release a: Newcastle Brown Tales: uncollected stories (a mish mash of dumb shit that never made the final shows for various reasons)

And as for part 3? Well we’ll see what life has in store for me & ol Riz.

For now, enjoy some short clips from the show below: