This year, I’m going on tour across the UK & doing 2 shows for the price of 1:

Raul Kohli: Makes It Up As He Goes Along

Raul Kohli does an hour of crowd interaction because after 18 months selling himself on webcam like a budget pornstar, he’s come to the realisation that comedy means nothing without you…


Raul Kohli: The Kohli Bible

Raul Kohli was going to do his show in 2020 about finding God… but then God decided to do his show about losing every single one of us. Still the pandemic only reinforced Raul’s belief in. the power of… well belief: whether it’s religion, a political party, or that vaccines are a trick set up by Bill Gates to put 5g signal up your butt, Raul will spend his new hour arguing that all these beliefs are in fact rational.

Dates & Tickets Below

24/04 The Bill Murray, London, TICKETS

25/04 The Stand, Newcastle, TICKETS